Washington State Scholarship Foundation
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Who Are We

The Washington State Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit corporate entity with a 501(c)3 tax status. All donations to the Scholarship Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

The corporation is managed by a Board of Directors whose maximum number is fifteen. Each Board member has a term of two years. That term may be renewed with mutual agreement by the Board member and the other Board of Directors.

There are four officers elected to the Board: president, vice-president, secretary and finance officer. Each position is elected every year at the annual meeting held in June as stated in the corporation's bylaws.

Each Board of Director is a volunteer with no monetary compensation. All of their time is a gift to the Foundation. There is also no paid staff.

The Board consists of members from various segments of the community. There are computer technical personnel, a financial advisor and a lawyer. In addition, there are business people from both small and large corporate entities, a nurse, a government relations specialist and a non-profit administrative person.

These individuals are the dedicated team of volunteers who help to provide educational opportunities through scholarships for many people.

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Washington State Scholarship Foundation